[WCSA] Daily Highlights Jun 14, 2021 - Shine: A Wind Turbine That Fits In Your Backpack


(Wcsa.world) The Shine Turbine is the ultra-compact, highly efficient, portable wind charger that lets you use the wind to rapidly create your own power to charge all your handheld devices - from your phone to your camera - anytime, anywhere the wind blows.

From exploring coasts to navigating plains to scaling mountains, all you need to do is set up Shine and in under 2 minutes, you’ll have a wind generator to power your adventures. Charge phones, tablets, lights, cameras, and more with this small but mighty 40 W turbine. Power gear in real-time during the day or night, or rapidly store energy for later use with Shine’s internal 12,000 mAh Li-Ion battery.



Access to renewable power off-grid is essential as electronics often require more charging power than portable batteries can provide. Without a reliable energy source, you can find yourself in vulnerable situations when your battery supply can’t be replenished.



Whether you’re camping, canoeing, RVing, hanging at a cottage, or looking to prepare for an emergency, the Shine Turbine provides renewable power day and night, rain, cloud, or shine. Shine’s patent-pending technology instantly converts wind into power to charge a variety of devices or rapidly stores energy in its internal 12,000 mAh battery for later use. 



Shine is for anyone who wants to charge handheld devices while disconnected from the energy grid. The turbine is perfect for keeping electronics charged while backpacking, camping, RVing, fishing, hunting, remote working, and more. 



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