[WCSA] Daily Highlights Jun 14, 2021 - Noveto SoundBeamer 1.0: Directional audio system to replace headphones


(Wcsa.world) Noveto Systems, an Israeli start-up, is taking us to the year 3000 with their new sound technology. They’re calling it the SoundBeamer 1.0. Get this–sound beaming sending sound bubbles to your head.

As stated in the description, it creates a personal “sound bubble” around the listener and allows you to listen to music without disturbing anyone or wearing headphones. The system is based on a 3D scanning system that detects the position of the listener’s head and ears and adjusts the output signal according to this data.



The system uses two ultrasonic emitters, and the waves are collected in the “pockets” calculated by the algorithm near the ears and become audible – and these “pockets” move when the user’s head moves. Of course, you can deviate too much and leave the system’s area of ​​operation – then the sound will disappear completely.



The developers have described several scenarios for using such systems. They are suitable for work video conferencing, home movie watching, sports, and can also be used in cars – it will be possible to make the driver, for example, listen to navigator prompts, and passengers enjoy music without distraction.



Visually, SoundBeamer 1.0 looks like a very compact soundbar of complex shape and is currently at the stage of a working prototype that connects to sources via Bluetooth. The serial version of the device will be more compact and, if nothing changes, will go on sale by the next New Year holidays. 



According to Hifinext.com


Kimmy (collect) - (World Creativity Science Academy)