[WCSA] Daily Highlights – March 10, 2020 - Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds the Deerma Sweep/Mop Integrated Mop


(Wcsa.world) Xiaomi has launched a new product under the Youpin crowdfunding platform. The new product is the Deerma Sweep/Mop-Integrated Mop with a crowdfunding price of 79 yuan (~$11). The product will adopt a retail price of 99 yuan (~$14) after the crowdfunding exercise.

The Deerma Sweep/Mop-Integrated Mop is designed to be able to achieve the easy conversion of the sweeper and water spray mop, making cleaning as easy as walking. Every time you clean, your hands do not need to directly have contact with sources of contamination in order to maintain good hand hygiene. With the Deerman mop, all just need to do is push the mop and collect garbage while sweeping and with the water spray, you can disinfect the floor while mopping.



The device has a front spiral mechanical roller brush that can drive the roller brush to rotate when pushed forward, sweeping the floor dust and garbage into the dust box. There is a 230mL capacity dust box which is quite large and won’t need to be emptied frequently. It has a leak-proof and sealed design and can be opened with a light touch and the debris will fall off when it needs to be emptied such that you don’t need to touch it with your hands.





The Deerma Sweep/Mop-Integrated Mop redesigned the inlet to a 170mm wide structure, which is enough to deal with all kinds of dust and debris generated in daily life, such as snack residue, fruit peels, scrap papers, etc. on the floor and clean it easily. The bristles are soft and slender and can sweep out the dust even in the gaps on the floor.



It also has a built-in boosting atomizing pump, which releases a fine mist of water in one minute by applying pressure for 0.1 seconds. This allows the user to moist-mop the floor and get it dried immediately, without leaving the floor wet. This will protect wooden floors from mildew and also prevent stains when someone walks on the floor as would happen with a wet floor.

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Deluna Nguyen (Collect) - WCSA - World Top Academy ( Source of photo : Internet)